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SNEEZE - Shaky Ground (Limited 7" Vinyl 8-track EP)


1. Shaky Ground
2. Trouble In School
3. Ripped Jeans
4. Demand
5. 2 Kates
6. There He Is
7. Baby Asleep
8. Don't Go (Girlie)

Eight songs written by Tom Morgan and Nic Dalton (members of LEMONHEADS, SMUDGE, GODSTAR) and recorded with collaborations of such friends as Simon Day of RATCAT, Simon and Robin of the HUMMINGBIRDS, Evan Dando himself and people of SWIRL, and PLUNDERERS. It includes “Trouble In School” by the LEMONHEADS, a song recorded during their first tour through Australia in 1991 with the original formation (with Jesse Peretz). The single maintains the punkie freshness of that time, direct pop and no useless adorns, songs never longer than two minutes that will make you enjoy it as much or even more than all their other bands.