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LOS FLECHAZOS - Alta Fidelidad (Limited purple 12" with CD)


Limited edition purple 12" vinyl AND CD also included.

1. No Hay Solución
2. El Faro
3. Si Tú Te Vas
4. Pasará (So Sad About Us)
5. Me He Subido A Un Árbol
6. Nunca Más
7. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Instrumental)
8. Queda Mucho Por Andar
9. Miedo A Volar
10. Pussycat
11. Alerta
12. Dices Que Lo Sientes (You Can Be My Baby)
13. En Tu Calle
14. Queda Mucho Por Andar (Instrumental)

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We couldn’t let the date pass. When the label turned 25, with a collection to commemorate it containing names so far like LA CASA AZUL, TREMBLING BLUE STARS and LE MANS, and with the celebration of the 30 years of Álex Diez’s musical career, we couldn’t resist making a re-release of LOS FLECHAZOS material that was released on Elefant Records.

Both the Mini-LP “Días Grises” and “Alta Fidelidad” will see the light again, in LP + CD format, on colour vinyl, 1000-copy, numbered, limited-editions, with extras.

“Alta Fidelidad” was the grand entrance of the group from Leon to Elefant, the sixth full-length in their career, and ultimately their last. They were a group who carried the banner of so many of the precepts and ideas that define the way Elefant Records understands music, achieving a lot without having to sacrifice their influences and their personality.

The group at the time consisted of Francisco Vila (bass), Miguel Manero (drums), Elena Iglesias (keyboards) and Álex Diez (guitars), and they wrote what is undoubtedly one of the best albums of their discography, which contains many of their regular qualities: great melodies, highly effective harmonies, and respect for pop, soul, and garage sounds.

The album contained some of the biggest hits of their repertoire, like the perfect bullseye that is “En Tu Calle”, the rock’n’roll touches of “Pussycat”, or the addictive psychedelic tones of “Si Tú Te Vas” that remind us so much of THE KINKS.

It is an enormous pleasure to be able to enjoy all over again the grooves of songs like that northern soul treaty, “No Hay Solución”, the THE WHO cover “Pasará”, or the electric roughness of “Miedo A Volar” and its unforgettable lyrics. And even better, there are extras - an instrumental version of “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, originally made famous by THE SUPREMES, and another version, also with scarce vocal presence, of “Queda Mucho Por Andar”.

With a purple vinyl, and a carefully put-together re-release full of small details, as the occasion requires, being able to listen to “Alta Fidelidad” again almost twenty years later is a true journey to the pop era. With no remorse. With no return.

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