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LA BIEN QUERIDA - Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía (Limited Green Double-LP Vinyl Reissue)


1. Poderes
2. El Origen Del Mundo
3. Alta Tensión
4. Disimulando
5. Ojalá Estuvieras Muerto
6. Encadenados
7. Carretera Secundaria
8. Crepúsculo
9. Música Contemporánea
10. Vueltas
11. Geometría Existencial
12. Muero De Amor

*Limited double LP reissue on green vinyl*

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Having seen the songs that were separated onto the 3 different maxi-singles like an ensemble, here we have a marvellous collection. The hit “Poderes Extraños” which opens the album with a powerful chorus and makes itself the king of paranormal territory for a metamusical discourse, and at the same time is tremendously suggestive and fun. The gritty textures of “El Origen Del Mundo”, one of the songs that best foreshadows the already well-known obsession of Ana Fernández-Villaverde with love and its fatality.

The emotional abrasion of “Alta Tensión” and that “Ya no te quiero” leave us literally desolate. This is what terror is. The blender of influences that fits into “Disimulando”, with the support of Joe Crepúsculo and the ability of David and Ana to make room for all kinds of sounds.

The strength of a great song like “Ojalá Estuvieras Muerto” that opens the door to the debate between life and death of “Encadenados”, where a light halo of pop spirit gives us a second to catch our breath. “Carretera Secundaria” could be part of the soundtrack of a David Lynch movie, while that mix of melancholy, evocation, and tension of “Crepúsculo” would win itself a well-deserved spot in “Drive”. The music, always the music: deep down all this mystery was about this, like that pop marvel “Música Contemporánea”, another of the (many) big singles the album has (oh, does this album have big singles!).

The spiralling journey of “Vueltas”, hypnotic, psychedelic, playful, and at the same time disturbing. “Geometría Existencial” brings the level of tension up even more. And then we get to the end, represented by “Muero De Amor”, a wonder of lyricism and emotion, precious and magical. There are no answers to look for. Our own feelings are there, and they are the answers that draw our questions.

Seen like this, everything that has ultimately given shape to “Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía”, LA BIEN QUERIDA’s fourth album, seems like a big game, a twisted plot that was perfectly planned right from the start. And maybe it was.

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