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EGGPLANT - Crushed By Ale (Limited 7")


1. Played For And Got
2. Exactly The Same
3. It'll Make You Wanna Throw Up


EGGPLANT have got the electric dirtiness of your favourite Australian bands, the most suggesting female voice of the moment and a skill to excite out of limits. Anything they lack? I don't think so.

Starting with the invaluable "Played For And Got", an arid rock dose, brisk, fast, catchy, ...going through "Exactly The Same", soaked in new-wave riffs, like some eternally lusty ELASTICA, and arriving to "It Will Make You Wanna Throw Up", ludic and vivid pop ...the three songs included in their first single for Elefant show up a versatility that makes them adorable.

Not for unmovable orthodoxes ...for the rest, free entrance.

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